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If you are looking to enhance your performance or rehabilitate from injury, Jade would love to work with you. With ongoing personal development and personal experience in the dance and performing arts industry, you can trust that Jade understands dance terminology, specific techniques and the physical and mental demands of your chosen style. Regular screenings with a qualified and experienced dance physiotherapist are important to identify any weaknesses/restrictions and prevent unnecessary pain, injury and time away from doing what you love! Jade has a special interest in foot and ankle injuries, hip and knee pain, and helping dancers achieve safe and extreme flexibility. 

Buying your first pair of pointe shoes is so exciting! Are you best prepared? Whether you are new to pointe or simply wish to improve, we want you to have an enjoyable, injury free, life-time love of dance. A personalised pointe screening with a dance physiotherapist is vital to ensuring a safe and happy transition en pointe for YOUR body. You will receive a full body screening (posture, mobility, control, health history) to identify strengths and areas for improvement, technique correction, and a final summary to share with your dance teacher and family. Your specific exercise program will ensure you feel confidence with all areas of ballet, including pointe, posture, rises, balance, turnout, core, back flexibility, leaps, turns, tendus and more. Jade can also provide advice on personalised pointe shoe fittings.

We are extremely passionate about sharing the most up-to-date resources and information with performing artists and supporting all schools across North Queensland. We can tailor a masterclass for your studio to EMPOWER your dancers and teachers to understand their body, EDUCATE on injury prevention and INSPIRE safe and effective dance practices.

On request, Jade travels around North Queensland, attending various studios for workshops. Online/virtual options are also available. If you would like to host a Performance Masterclass at your studio, please get in touch with us!


Every body is unique and we will go the extra mile to make sure your health journey is as smooth and stress-free as it can be. With longer appointment times (to listen to your story and concerns), a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, expert advice, and individualised information packs to take home, you’ll feel confident you’re on the right path to achieve your goals.

We are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and look forward to helping you access your potential! 

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Your complete health history, from 'A to Z', will be discussed in your first 1hr consultation. Factors such as stress, sleep, nutrition, digestive health, hormones, medication, mental health, training habits and physical activity will all impact your pain and how you recover from an injury. This holistic approach helps to paint a picture of why you are in pain, why you may be at risk of injury, and how to improve your wellbeing and performance to return to doing what you love!

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Our group classes are your perfect mix of Pilates style exercises, breathing, flexibility, balance and strengthening. This whole mind-body workout is Physio led, with limited spaces to ensure you receive personalised feedback throughout. Be sure to book your FREE 15min Class Pre-Assessment beforehand to claim this class through your Health Fund. 

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Hydrotherapy can assist in pain and swelling management, strengthening and gait retraining, range of movement and overall function. It also boosts circulation, improves mood and sleep, and enhances fitness. A water based program can be adapted for your individual needs and goals. There are specific times during the week available for 1:1 Hydro sessions. Please contact us for more information. 

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We value open and clear lines of communication to help each student feel supported in their rehabilitation journey. We will always do whatever possible to ensure the student can participate in class to their full potential. If you have any concerns or would like a student assessed, please fill out the referral form below and we will provide a detailed report.